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Industry Challenge


The Industry Challenge is an annual contest between companies within the same industry that participate in Achieve-A-Bowl.


Participating industry categories include:

Accounting            Insurance                 Banking

Law Firms/Legal          Business/Entrepreneurship

Manufacturing        Finance & Investments


 Additional categories may be added as necessary. A minimum of three companies are needed for each category.

 Criteria/Challenge Rules

  • Companies must have a minimum of 10 bowlers to participate, with the exception of companies who are new to Achieve-A-Bowl. Those companies are allowed a minimum of 5 bowlers (in their first year only).
  • As some companies may overlap industries, Junior Achievement staff determines the industry where each company will be placed prior to the start of Achieve-A-Bowl weekend.
  • All money to be counted towards the challenge must be received, not pledged, prior to a pre-determined deadline – no exceptions. (Deadline is typically within 2-3 weeks of the final bowling session.)
  • Registration fees, matching funds, and sponsorships are not counted in money raised by bowlers for the purpose of this challenge.  Only money raised directly by bowlers either offline or online will be counted.


  • At the end of each day the bowling alley staff will provide to JARI a summary of all games played that day. The top 10 single game scores from completed strings rolled by bowlers will be calculated for all teams. (If one bowler completes 4 strings within the two-hour time frame and all four games are within the top 10 scores, then all four scores can be counted.) The average of the top 10 scores will then be calculated.
  • Once the deadline date has passed to collect all money towards the challenge, the money raised by all bowlers for the company (not just the top 10) will be added up and the average calculated based on the number of bowlers. (If there happens to be a participating bowler who didn’t raise any money, they are still used to calculate the average. If someone pays a registration fee, but does not end up bowling and doesn’t raise any money, they are not counted towards the average.)
  • The average of the two amounts above will then be added together and the company with the highest combined total is the winner.


  •  If the top 10 single game scores bowled by your team totals 1453 pins, your team average score would be 145.3 (1453 / 10 = 145.3). In the case of a new company with only five bowlers, the top five scores will be used and divided by five. If a new company has more than 10 bowlers, the top 10 will be used.
  • If the dollars raised by your company’s bowlers totals $15,000 and you had 50 bowlers, then the average amount raised by each person would be $300.00 ($15,000 / 50 = 300)
  • Your company score for the Industry Challenge would be 445.3 (145.3 + 300 = 445.3)