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Ask your team coordinator when you are bowling!

Ask your team coordinator when you are bowling!

About our bowlers

Bowlers are the heart and soul of Achieve-A-Bowl! As a participant of this event, you may reach out to 10 members of our community or 100!  You may be the person who tells someone for the first time about the educational programs JA will provide approximately 17,500 young people in the 2019-20 academic year. Programs teaching kids about how money, careers and how businesses really work!

When you ask your friends, coworkers and neighbors to help reach your fundraising goal, they may not be familiar with all that Junior Achievement does to empower the youth of our state.  You will want to tell them for starters how JA programs encourage students to stay in school and make smart personal, financial and academic decisions.

 Though these are some pretty big ideas, the JA mission is simply to:

“Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.”

The donations bowlers raise for Achieve-A-Bowl enable JA to visit more K-12 Rhode Island classrooms. Imagine every $50 you raise as another student who can participate in the JA experience!

In return for your efforts, you will be awarded prizes for restaurants, shopping and activities. The more donations you raise the higher value of your thank you prizes! See here for prize tiers.

So please commit to fundraising for the students of Rhode Island by joining an Achieve-A-Bowl team today!

How can I raise money for JA student programs?

You will be surprised how supportive your network will be! To reach just your minimum goal of $100, start with a 10 x 10 campaign and ask 10 people for a donation of $10.

People to ask include:

Friends                   Family                    Neighbors                    Co-workers          

Dentist                    Lawyer                   Broker                           Landlord              

Hairstylist               Manicurist              Teacher                        Doctor                  

Plumber                 Mechanic               Accountant                   Personal trainer

Boss                       Groomer                 Insurance Agent          Your Favorite Restaurant's Manager

Other tips:

  • Bowlers who use the online Qgiv fundraising tool typically raise twice as much, twice as fast and you can reach your entire online network in just minutes! Register at: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/aab36

  • Veteran top prize winners tell us that before they reach their goal, they will move it higher because donations will slow down as they get close. So, if you want to earn bigger prizes don’t be afraid to revisit your page and set your goal higher!

  • Some creative teams have fundraised as a group to meet their overall goal. Teams have raised through the Jeans4JA model which sells a dress down day in the office, or auction off the best parking spot in the lot (with the boss’ permission of course)!

  • Try an office change collection, sell raffle tickets for a donated item, or sell candy or other food items!

  • Maximize your efforts! Many companies offer corporate giving programs through which they match employee donations to eligible nonprofits. Matching gifts can double, triple, and even quadruple certain donations, which can exponentially aid your goals!

  • Thank you for supporting Rhode Island students! Your efforts will bring programs to young people that will prepare them to own their economic success by teaching them about money, careers and entrepreneurship.

Moments from the 35th Annual Achieve-A-Bowl...

Join a team now!

If your company is not paying for your $10 registration fee to bowl, you can pay it securely online now.  If your company is not paying for your $10 registration fee to bowl, you can pay it securely online now using the button on the right, or simply pay at the alley!.  

Never used the online fundraising tool before? here’s a video to help you out!


Here's a handy toolkit To help you along...

We appreciate your help as part of an Achieve-A-bowl fund raising team!!! We want to save you time and maximize the results on your efforts.  So here is a handy toolkit to get you started.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or contact Amy B. Craig, Event Coordinator at: 401.331.3850 ext 18 or amy.craig@ja.org.

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